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Boiler Room “Newspaper Subscription Pitch”

How many of you have answered a cold call and thought to yourself, “Wow, that was terrible. I would never buy anything from that salesperson.”? Well then you’re definitely not alone. As sales professionals, we often critique other sales pitches a lot harder than the average consumer, but this one takes the cake. In this profession there is no room to be a pushover, but there certainly isn’t room to be too aggressive either – both routes will lose you the sale. In fact, successful sales calls actually include a little bit of both. In this scene from the “Boiler Room,” Seth David (Giovanni Ribisi) gives a failed newspaper salesperson a second chance to turn around his pitch and prove that he can make a sale. Sometimes a quick wake-up call and a little encouragement can help turn a weak sales pitch around – just don’t expect your prospects to give you a second chance.

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